About Clim-Eat

Clim-Eat is a think-and-do tank that aims to accelerate food systems transformation under climate change. We seek to be a bridge between the food and climate communities, mobilizing knowledge and connecting it to action through policy and practice.

Why do we need a think-and-do tank?

  • Food systems are moving us ever closer to our planetary boundaries
  • Action is much too slow in the current food system – we urgently need to accelerate our efforts
  • There are too many business-as-usual ideas being rolled out – we need bolder ideas and new pathways for transformation
  • To enable out-of-the-box thinking, we need credible and user-friendly evidence, that reflects experiences and understanding of issues on the ground

That’s why at Clim-Eat we’re committed to step out of business-as-usual ideas and thinking, step up knowledge synthesis and engagement, and step in to support partners to take transformative action.

Our approach

At Clim-Eat we work based on the “three thirds” principle for successful science-policy engagement. A third of efforts prioritizing the engagement of decision makers to identify their needs and ensure continuous engagement. Another third is aimed at the production and sharing of evidence which is credible, drawing on the work of reputed knowledge institutions, and meets the needs of stakeholders. The final third of efforts focuses on outreach to get evidence and ideas actioned through communications and capacity building. You can read more about our strategy in our Policy & Program Plan.


Timely communications & capacity building


Scientific credible, flexible and user-friendly evidence


Targeted, demand driven, and participatory engagement

Effective science-policy engagement