Innovative solutions for South East Asia’s Agriculture: Assessing the role of localized green nitrogen

A demo-stage session at the Future Food Asia 2024

16 May 2024
13:30-14:00 SGT
Orchard Hotel, Singapore

About The Event

The agriculture industry in Southeast Asia is confronted with significant challenges, ranging from environmental degradation to economic inefficiencies. Traditional fertilizers, produced using outdated technologies and transported over long distances, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution. Additionally, they pose accessibility challenges for remote and small-scale farmers.

However, emerging technologies offer a promising solution: localized green nitrogen production. By employing sustainable methods such as modular green ammonia production and nutrient recapture from organic waste, green nitrogen presents a double win for agriculture. It not only reduces emissions by minimizing transportation and energy-intensive production processes but also enhances accessibility and inclusion for remote and small farmers, providing them with more sustainable and affordable fertilizer options.

This session will examine the feasibility of green nitrogen for Southeast Asia and explore whether there are other potential innovations that may be more promising. By considering alternative approaches and technologies, we aim to foster a discussion on the most effective strategies for innovating Southeast Asia’s agriculture landscape.

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