What we do?

With all I‘s on our Plates, we urgently need a recipe for success.

I‘s on our Plates is a comprehensive initiative by Clim-Eat that aims to transform the way we approach food and climate—inspiring individuals, businesses, and communities to work together for a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

To achieve this, I‘s on our Plates will span across three stages:

What is I‘s on our Plates?

The overarching goal of this initiative is to draw public attention towards the crucial intersections between food and climate, and encourage collective action towards building a more sustainable and healthy future. We take a hands-on approach to plant seeds of knowledge and grow the public understanding between food and climate. At the core of this mission is the aim to position Clim-Eat as a key player in driving transformative changes in the food system. We mobilize a coalition of stakeholders who are committed to reshaping the food landscape through innovative and sustainable practices, to stir up change and spearhead this transformation.


INNOV-EAT marks the first crucial phase of the’I‘s on our Plates‘ initiative, focussed on the pressing need for innovative solution to accelerate climate action and transform food systems.

Through a comprehensive scan of the horizon for technological, social, and systems innovations, INNOV-EAT seeks to identify game-changing ideas and practices that can help reshape the food landscape.

Our objective is to foster a collaborative ecosystem that inspires and facilitates the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices at scale, cooking up a more harmonious and healthy food system for everyone.

INNOV-EAT is not just about promoting new technologies or products; it also involves fostering a culture of innovation and promoting new ways of thinking about food systems.

INNOV-EAT is a movement that aims to drive transformative changes in food systems and inspire a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable food systems future.

INNOV-EAT mission:

To promote and support systemic innovation in food systems

To highlight the importance of innovative practices, technologies and policies in transforming food systems

To inspire and promote innovative ideas that can help achieve a more sustainable future