NFP to host Clim-Eat: A Think and Do Tank for Food and Climate

We are tremendously proud to announce that NFP will host a new think and do tank – Clim-Eat, which will work to radically accelerate climate action in our food systems by bridging the gap between science and action.

17 December 2021

The Clim-Eat approach

Clim-Eat uses the ‘three thirds’ principle for success in science-policy engagement (See figure), where a third of efforts focused on the engagement of decision makers to identify their needs and ensure continuous engagement, another third on production of evidence which is credible drawing on the work of reputed knowledge institutions and meets the needs of stakeholders. The final third of efforts focuses on outreach, i.e. getting the evidence used through communications and capacity building efforts.

See full article of NFP about Clim-Eat here:

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