Fails, giggles and lessons: our not-so-annual report

We’ve got a not-so-annual report for you.

Annual reporting: it’s that yearly opportunity for organisations to tell the world how they’re making a wonderful contribution to… whatever.

We can almost hear the collective groan.

But Clim-Eat has never done things by the book. And we’re not going to start by making our first “annual report” some odious exercise in self-congratulation.

So instead of describing our activities so far and spinning them into a compendium of self-righteous achievements, we’re doing it differently.

Firstly, we’re going to talk about how we failed.

That’s right. How we failed, multiple times.

Not every time though; there are some things we think went well and we’ll talk about those too. But it would be disingenuous to think that a new organisation went through its first months without messing a few things up.

So we’ll hold up our hands. And we’ll show how – hopefully – we’ve learned and moved on.

Secondly, and continuing the spirit of disrupting annual reports, we’re not going to do what everyone else does: talk about ourselves. That would be too easy, and we might be biased.

Instead, we invited partners, donors, staff and consultants to tell us what they think, via an anonymous survey.

We asked them what they liked and didn’t like, and what needs to change – both within Clim-Eat and in the world of food and climate change policy that Clim-Eat was established to navigate.

Finally, we thought we’d spare you the pain of having to read too much. 

After all, we just skim-read nowadays, don’t we? That’s why we can make an obscure reference to Rick Astley this far down the page and no-one will even notice.

So, we promise that this intro is the longest written piece in the whole report.

The rest will be key stats, infographics, brief insights, succinct quotes, bullet points and – you guessed it – some fun video clips.

We hope you enjoy it. 

But of course, maybe it will also fail.

The Clim-Eat Team

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