Meet our team

Dhanush Dinesh

Chief Climate Catalyst

Meet Dhanush, a fearless visionary determined to shake up our food systems and take on climate change. He refuses to settle for the status quo, which is why he’s assembled a top-notch team at Clim-Eat.

Wiebe Smit

Policy and Impact Innovator

Meet Wiebe, the Policy and Impact Innovator at Clim-Eat. With a passion for accelerating climate action through impactful partnerships, Wiebe is a driving force behind our efforts to make a real difference.

Leanne Zeppenfeldt

Collaboration and Learning Architect

Leanne is the driving force behind Clim-Eat’s institutional knowledge development, evidence-based communication, and partnership initiatives.

Ratih Septivita

Events Wizard

Vita is the ultimate ‘Events Wizard’ at Clim-Eat, where she brings her exceptional skills as a Global Events Professional to create unforgettable experiences. With her expertise in designing, organizing, and coordinating high-impact events, she wields her wand to make the impossible possible.

Annebelle Rombach

Innovations Researcher

As Innovations Researcher Annebelle predominantly works as a research assistant to horizon scanning for highly impactful and disruptive technical innovations to catalyze the transition to a sustainable and just food system.

Neil Palmer

Communications Consultant

Neil is a strategic communications specialist with 15 years’ experience in the sustainable food and agriculture sectors.

Sylvi Martdiawati

Assistant Extraordinaire

Meet Sylvi, the Assistant Extraordinaire who seamlessly combines marketing communication expertise, digital prowess, and project management finesse to help Clim-Eat achieve success.

Kevin Gitau Ng’ang’a

Kenya Climate Action Strategist

Kevin is an independent consultant, working with Clim-Eat as Kenya Climate Action Strategist.

Martin Simenrud

Communications Officer

Meet Martin, our Communications Officer. With a stellar background in Norwegian journalism and expertise ranging from election coverage to energy sector analysis, he’s now set to amplify climate action in food systems with his analytical and creative prowess!

Suzanne Bakker

Strategic Finance Maven

Meet Suzanne, our captivating finance maven and fearless strategist, weaving financial intricacies for Clim-Eat’s organizational success.

Weronika Kubiczek

Financial Maestro

Weronika, our Financial Maestro at Clim-Eat, revolutionizing operational efficiency with her dynamic financial finesse.

Senni Alho

Innovations Officer

Meet Senni, our Innovations Officer, whose passion and skills in food system innovations are complemented by her active involvement in environmental NGOs and her role as a youth representative on WWF Finland’s Board of Trustees. Senni will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our team.

Clim-Eat’s Supervisory Council

Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme

Supervisory Council Chairperson

Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme is the Chairperson of Clim-Eat’s Supervisory Council.

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Myrtille Danse

Supervisory Council Member

Myrtille is part of the Clim-Eat Supervisory Council.

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Jessica Fanzo

Supervisory Council Member

Jessica is part of the Clim-Eat Supervisory Council.

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Ishmael Sunga

Supervisory Council Member

Ishmael is part of the Clim-Eat Supervisory Council.

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Our experts

Dr Bruce Campbell

Chief Innovation Strategist

As Chief Innovation Strategist, Bruce will bring crucial thought leadership to fulfil our ambition of catalysing a transformation in food systems under climate change.

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Dr Lini Wollenberg

Future Pathmaker

Lini, our Futures Pathmaker at Clim-Eat – a thought leader in the world of food and climate. With her finger on the pulse of the latest research and trends, she helps us identify priority topics and develop innovative solutions for our impact partners.

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Dr Philip Thornton

Research and Innovation Strategist

As Research and Innovation Strategist for Clim-Eat, Philip combines horizon scanning and futures thinking with the latest research on food and climate, helping to identify new opportunities for our impact partners.

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